Community groups

Donations raised by community groups are invaluable to Sightsavers’ work. Your loyal support can help us protect sight and fight for disability rights.

Worldwide, 2.2 billion people have a visual impairment, but almost half of this is preventable or treatable.

Sightsavers works in more than 30 countries to treat eye conditions, prevent blinding diseases and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities.

We currently work with a range of organisations, and we’d like to encourage groups from all walks of life to get involved if they think Sightsavers is the right fit for them.

We no longer run a volunteer speaker programme, but we can provide posters, leaflets and videos to support your club’s fundraising events and activities.

If you’d like to get involved, or find out more about the groups we work with, email [email protected]

Focus magazine

Stay up-to-date with Sightsavers’ work by reading our magazine. It features the latest news, case studies and interviews.

How we use your donation

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Community groups we work with

Inner Wheel logo

Inner Wheel clubs have donated more than £690,000 since the 1970s.

Lions Sight Savers Trust logo

The Lions Sight Savers Trust has raised more than £3.9 million since the 1980s.

Rotary Clubs Great Britain and Ireland logo

Rotary International clubs have donated more than £4.3 million since the 1960s.

Soroptimist logo

Soroptimist International clubs have supported our work since the 1970s.

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Langford, who is five years old, stands smiling in the doorway of his home.

Lions Sight Savers Trust was created to solely raise funds for our work

Learn about the Lions trust

Read more about Sightsavers

A still from the Sightsavers video, showing an eye surgeon in scrubs performing an eye operation.

About Sightsavers

Sightsavers’ mission is to prevent avoidable blindness, fight debilitating diseases and promote equality for people with disabilities. Find out where we work, how we’re run and what we do with the money we raise.

Where we work

Sightsavers is an international development charity working in 30 countries across Africa and Asia to prevent blindness and improve local health services.

How we’re run

We can only fulfil our mission thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We aim to be as transparent as possible so you can be sure your money is used wisely.